Solar Power

Solar Power Begins Its Migration to The Edge of The Grid

When we talk about energy generation in the US, many bring up the notion of a struggle between the two sides. There is the side with green, renewable energy, and there are those that stick with fossil fuels. There is a sense of a sharp dividing line between the two. Either consumers wanted to stay on the grid or abandon it. The development of grid edge solutions allows homes and businesses to have the best of both sides.  They can stay on the reliable grid, but lower costs as they manage their green energy.  With the advent of cheap solar generators in the home, more homeowners can enjoy solar power.

This concept has some interesting potential. But, what does it means for utilities? Can … Continue Reading.....

California Nurses Association

Proposition 39 Endorsed by California Nurses Association

Proposition 39 is one of the most influential ballots on workers rights and employment equality in California. The implications for taxes, job prospects, and workers across the state are huge. However, we cannot focus entirely on the business side of the deal.

Many organizations have come out in support of Prop 39 for numerous reasons. One of those is the California Nurses Association, via their co-president Malinda Markowitz, RN. This group of skilled professionals has raised their voice to highlight the many benefits at stake here for workers, nurses, and citizens in general across California.

It should come as no surprise to those that support Proposition 39 and understand its impact, that these nurses are in favor.… Continue Reading.....