Yes Vote on Proposition 39

Tom Steyer Argues for a Yes Vote on Proposition 39

Tom Steyer strongly argues for a Yes Vote on 39 from all Californian voters. This is not news to all those following this story closely. This is the man that started the ball rolling with the proposition in the first place. Some Californian citizens perhaps don’t follow politics or have a few concerns over the issue, that may not understand the full argument. This is where it is important to look at the finer details of his argument in favor of this amendment.

The main issue here is that idea of closing a tax loophole.

This is something that some voters may not have even realized existed until the matter came to light with this ballot. The problem here is that there is a … Continue Reading.....

Tom Steyer

California Businessman Tom Steyer To Speak About Sustainable Energy

The Democratic National Convention is due to take place on Wednesday and is set to provide an important platform for many key speakers. Among those, this year is Tom Steyer, a Californian businessman with an urgent message on the value of green energy in the national and global economy.

Stayer was a delegate to the convention in both 2004 and 2008. Now he is back to further his aims of strengthening the link between the government and the people. His main focus lies with improved trust and green initiatives through the Advanced Energy Economy. Right now, there is one topic high on that agenda in California.

One of the key areas of interest for Steyer and many others in his position is Proposition … Continue Reading.....