Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Endorses Proposition 39

In 2009, lawmakers in California slipped in a loophole on a tax law that ensured that out-of-state companies would benefit from bringing their business to the state. However, what some Californian’s did not realize was that this major tax break would limit jobs for local workers can cost $1 billion per year.

Proposition 39 aims to close that loophole and fix these issues once and for all. The proposition has gradually gained more and more support from key figures. Now Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles is among them.… Continue Reading.....

Proposition 39

Proposition 39 Heading for Overwhelming Victory in California

The issue of the Proposition 39 ballot has been going on for a long time in California. Many will be glad of the chance to cast their vote to be free of the topic finally. It is a ballot that has wide-reaching implications for workers, businesses, and families right across the state.

Everyone is set to benefit from a positive result in some form, which is why everyone must cast their vote. The good news for supporters, such as campaign leader Tom Steyer, is that the forecast for a Yes victory is strong. Still, Steyer knows that the hard work isn’t over yet.… Continue Reading.....

Proposition 39

How Proposition 39 Won Over Californian Voters

The California Clean Energy Jobs Act was an important political turning point for the state. Some voters saw it as a chance to reclaim lost revenue and improve prospect across the region. Others saw it as an opportunity to stand up to the injustice of tax breaks for out-of-state operations. Most importantly, it was a long-overdue opportunity for voters to have their say on the issue. Passionate campaigning leads to divisive results over some emotive issues. What was the main aim of Proposition 39, why were voters encouraged to vote Yes, and what did it all mean for the area?

What was the main objective of Proposition 39?

Proposition 39 was a vital part of the ballot on the Californian vote in November 2012. A Yes Vote would see a significant change to the tax laws in the context of the California Clean Energy Jobs Act. The proposition was to … Continue Reading.....

Proposition 39 California

Why Voters Need To Engage With Prop 39

Voters in California have a big problem on their hands when they head to the polls. There are lots of different issues across different ballots, and there is too much to take in. Many will focus on key issues and votes that mean something to them.

This means that there is the risk of many voters ignoring proposition 39. Some may not understand the issues, and others will fail to see the relevance. That is why many Yes campaigners, including the Mayor of Sacramento, are keen to ensure that voters understand the implications. The major issue for voters during this election is simple: why should they care about Prop 39?

On the surface, Prop 39 doesn’t seem to have that much of interest to the average citizen or homeowner in California. This is all about tax breaks and incentives for large firms. The good news for voters is that any … Continue Reading.....

proposition 39

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Endorses Proposition 39

The upcoming-ballot for Californian residents is full of important clauses and options for local voters. One that has gained significant exposure is Prop 39.

Proposition 39 is a venture continually gaining support from leading figures in the run-up to the ballot. The latest high profile support is California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The reason for Newsom’s strong support on this venture is very simple. It is clear to him that this proposition will close a significant loophole that not only gives big out-of-state companies an unfair advantage but holds the economy and green credentials of California back.

Newsom, along with many others like him, believes that Prop 39 is essential for the future of equality and growth in California. For Newsom, it is all about leveling the playing field. He sees this occurring in three different ways.… Continue Reading.....

California Newspapers

Prop 39 Enjoys Widespread Support from CA Newspapers

Many citizens and workers in California are eager to see an overriding Yes vote for Prop 39 on the ballot. They feel that the changes in tax laws, and the revenue gained, are a positive step for companies and workers across the region. Now it seems that many major newspapers are keen to add their support for the cause.

The support for Proposition 39 across these major news outlets is vast, with a many papers eager to add their name to the growing list. There are many varied reasons for this surge in support, but all come down to the basic ideas of a fairer system for workers and families across the state.

The list now includes LA Opinion, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Fresno Bee, Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Diego Free Press and the San Francisco Bay Guardian – among others.  The Los Angeles Time, Riverside Press-Express … Continue Reading.....

Yes Vote on Proposition 39

Tom Steyer Argues for a Yes Vote on Proposition 39

Tom Steyer strongly argues for a Yes Vote on 39 from all Californian voters. This is not news to all those following this story closely. This is the man that started the ball rolling with the proposition in the first place. Some Californian citizens perhaps don’t follow politics or have a few concerns over the issue, that may not understand the full argument. This is where it is important to look at the finer details of his argument in favor of this amendment.

The main issue here is that idea of closing a tax loophole.

This is something that some voters may not have even realized existed until the matter came to light with this ballot. The problem here is that there is a tax break in effect for companies that place their headquarters out-of-state. This, in turn, damages the local economy by offering incentives to those that don’t … Continue Reading.....

California Nurses Association

Proposition 39 Endorsed by California Nurses Association

Proposition 39 is one of the most influential ballots on workers rights and employment equality in California. The implications for taxes, job prospects, and workers across the state are huge. However, we cannot focus entirely on the business side of the deal.

Many organizations have come out in support of Prop 39 for numerous reasons. One of those is the California Nurses Association, via their co-president Malinda Markowitz, RN. This group of skilled professionals has raised their voice to highlight the many benefits at stake here for workers, nurses, and citizens in general across California.

It should come as no surprise to those that support Proposition 39 and understand its impact, that these nurses are in favor.… Continue Reading.....

Darrell Steinberg

California State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg Endorses Proposition 39

Every vote counts for supporters of Proposition 39, but some votes are arguably more influential than others. One that fits into this category is the recent endorsement by President pro tempore of the California State Senate, Darrell Steinberg. Steinberg’s views will resonate with a wide audience in different ways, and there is no doubt that he has the needs of the people in mind.

Like many other leaders across California, Steinberg is optimistic for a level playing field.

Proposition 39 is all about restoring some sense of equality to the Californian job market. The major change here is the closure of that loophole and the implementation of a single sales factor for multi-state companies. The idea here is that the current landscape is completely unfair to the average Californian worker, businessman, and taxpayer. Steinberg sees no reason why out-of-state companies should enjoy tax breaks, while local entrepreneurs suffer. Business … Continue Reading.....

Art Pulaski

Major Labor Groups Endorse Proposition 39

The names of key organizations in support of Proposition 39 flood in thick and fast as this campaign gains momentum. One of the most significant regarding size and influence is the California Labor Federation.

This top labor group is a big name for the pro-Prop 39 movements. Not only do they have the rights and needs of workers close to heart, they represent more than 2.2 million Californian workers. Art Pulaski, their chief officer of the California Labor Federation, now speaks out these millions of voters and urges them to support the proposition. Other organizations standing beside them include the California Alliance for Retired Americans, Los Angeles Business Council, California League of Conservation Voters, Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council and the Latin Business Association.

This endorsement is not a surprise given the forecast for job growth without this tax break for out of state companies.… Continue Reading.....

John A. Pérez

Proposition 39 Endorsed by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez

Proposition 39 is a major issue among voters of all walks of life. There is rising anger here over the fact that big businesses are continuing to get away with these large tax breaks as they damage the economy in California. There are two main concerns here for voters.

The first is the fact that the current tax loophole encourages companies to set themselves up out-of-state and benefit from tax breaks, without employing Californian workers. The second is the fact that that this costs the state as much as $1 billion a year in lost tax money. Prop 39 aims to reverse this so that it eliminates this tax issue, returns the lost revenue and adds some equality back into the job market.

Assembly Speaker John A. Perez is now yet another major name publicly endorsing Proposition 39. This will not mean much to some voters, but there are weight … Continue Reading.....

National Organization for Women

National Organization for Women Endorses Proposition 39

Every vote counts with proposition 39, especially the vote of women. This could be on the move with the recent endorsement by the California National Organization for Women Political Action Committee.

The main focus of Proposition 39 is the improvement of job availability and equality for the workforce.

This emphasis is understandable when the crux of the issue lies with the big businesses taking advantage of the main tax breaks and loopholes. These big businesses fail to provide opportunities for Californian workers, and the job market and economy suffers as a result. Members of California NOW are keen to point out that this issue goes deeper for women.… Continue Reading.....