Proposition 39 Heading for Overwhelming Victory in California

The issue of the Proposition 39 ballot has been going on for a long time in California. Many will be glad of the chance to cast their vote to be free of the topic finally. It is a ballot that has wide-reaching implications for workers, businesses, and families right across the state.

Everyone is set to benefit from a positive result in some form, which is why everyone must cast their vote. The good news for supporters, such as campaign leader Tom Steyer, is that the forecast for a Yes victory is strong. Still, Steyer knows that the hard work isn’t over yet.

What is this Proposition 39?

For all those out-of-state, or not yet aware of the ballot, this proposition is a simple plan to close a loophole that favors out-of-state business. It would end tax breaks for those headquartered outside of California. Critics of this major issue say that the tax loophole damages the local economy and a job prospect as not only does the state lose $1 billion per year. As a result, there is no incentive for these businesses to invest in the region. A yes vote on prop 39 could change all that by closing the loophole and readdressing the balance.

Tom Steyer

There is a sense of true political change here, largely because of the style of the ballot.

There have been plenty of issues in the past with bipartisan supporters and measures blocked due to the use of holdouts and lobbyists. This is especially true in Sacramento – Sacramento tried numerous times to make a change to this issue and lost because of these political issues. This voter ballot eliminates that risk as it puts the power back into the hands of an everyday vote. This is simple ballot where everyday workers and families make the decision and have to power to make a difference finally. It is a rare chance to bypass all those that make things very difficult for lawmakers.

Supporters and campaigners pushed for these votes by pointing out the importance of not only a fairer system for workers but the benefits that families would enjoy across the state via the gained revenue. California will gain a total of $1 billion a year to spend on important projects across the state for the next five years. After this five year period, it all goes into the general fund.

Supporters lined up to have their say on this important issue.

This campaign for a Yes Vote on Prop 39 has seen some high profile supporters from labor groups and unions, health services, newspapers and major politicians. There has been a positive snowball effect here where many major figures took the time to state their opinion and call for the voter to take the time to make a change.

Mayors and politicians were just the starting point. The more influential remarks came from the labor unions supporting the everyday workers, the women’s organizations, and other health and religious groups. Then there were the urgent editorials from major newspapers across the state. There was the sense that this was an issue that crossed any divides of race, religion, and gender. Everyone merely focused on the need for equality and improved prosperity in California.

One of the big issues still a stake here is the use of all that public revenue money.

With a yes result likely, Steyer, and others in charge of the measure are now looking to the future. If they secure this new revenue for the area with this loophole closure, where should the money go? How do officials decide on the best approach and most worthy candidates? There is a clear need to find the most efficient way of spreading out the money so that the neediest receive their fair share.

California Proposition 39

There is already that guarantee of the half to public services, like education and social care, and a half to green initiatives and energy efficiency solutions. Still, there are plenty of projects in plenty of towns and cities vying for this money. This may be the most important factor for many of the women and families supporting the Yes Vote. They see this as a change to improve standards and equality beyond that of the job market. Many have suffered from cuts and poor funding due to the recession and economic issues caused by this loophole.

There is the clear sense here that the hard work is far from over.

Many voters may assume that once they tick the right box on their ballot and the final result comes in, that that is it. The matter will then be over, and the state of California can begin to enjoy all the rewards that come from this major reversal. However, it is not quite that simple. As you can see, there are plenty of decisions to make on the future of the funds and the services and project most in need of help. There is also a long road in turning the tide on the economy. A Yes Vote is unlikely to lead to any major overnight success and change, but it is a step in the right direction for a fairer employment market in California.

The good news here is that Tom Steyer hopes to stay on with his involvement with the scheme, long after the final results come in. The act of campaigning for this major change does not end with the ballot and public vote. It needs the right spokespeople and business leaders to ensure that the government go through with the changes and make the right decision.

The future of job equality and green energy initiatives in California looks good if these forecasts are correct.

This clear sign of strong public support and the commitment of Steyer and other leaders means that it will be difficult for lawmakers and major business leaders to back away from this issue if there is a clear Yes Vote. The ballot placed the power in the hands of the people, with the strong backing of major unions and other groups. The public and workers at the heart of the decision are now informed and engaged, and won’t back down too easily.

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