Proposition 39 Endorsed by California Nurses Association

Proposition 39 is one of the most influential ballots on workers rights and employment equality in California. The implications for taxes, job prospects, and workers across the state are huge. However, we cannot focus entirely on the business side of the deal.

Many organizations have come out in support of Prop 39 for numerous reasons. One of those is the California Nurses Association, via their co-president Malinda Markowitz, RN. This group of skilled professionals has raised their voice to highlight the many benefits at stake here for workers, nurses, and citizens in general across California.

It should come as no surprise to those that support Proposition 39 and understand its impact, that these nurses are in favor.

The support of the California Nurses Association is a major step forward for the proposition, but it is no major shock. There are many benefits forecast from the implementation of the loophole closure. As a result, the advantages for those within the nursing sector are two-fold.

The revenue from the venture – all those billions lost in tax breaks – will come back to the state to fund some important programs for the first five years. Each half of this new source of income is set to benefit these nurses greatly.

Malinda Markowitz

A half for green energy and the other half for vital services

The first is the decision to send half the fund for that five year period towards green energy projects and energy-saving measures across the state. Some focus on on the potential impact on job creation in the sector, such as posts in manufacture for green energy systems. This is a key influence for the business sector.

However, there is also the fact that money will go into improvements in energy efficiency in public buildings. Schools and government buildings are set to take their fair share. There could also be opportunities for hospitals and medical facilities to reap the rewards too.

Then there is the fact that the other half of this fund is due to pay for improvements to education, health and social care across the state. The aim here is that everyone will benefit in this attempt to improve living standards and employment equality in the state.

Energy efficiency building

State hospitals and other healthcare facilities have to share this pot of money with many other beneficiaries. Still, this is a sizable pot of half a billion per year, which should provide plenty to go around. This means that not only could nurses see greater job prospects for their family and improvements to the energy efficiency of their buildings, but the general quality of care and support may also improve.

The implications of Proposition 39 go a lot further for nurses than we may have imagined.

This is a win-win situation for these nurses that support Proposition 39. They are sure to gain a lot from these new measures once the proposition passes. However, those in charge of campaigning also point out the deeper influence that this group has on voters. The California Nurses Association is a respected group of caring, professional individuals. Their endorsement, alongside that of California NOW and other labor groups, can only be a good thing for the future of this ballot.

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