Proposition 39 Endorsed by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez

Proposition 39 is a major issue among voters of all walks of life. There is rising anger here over the fact that big businesses are continuing to get away with these large tax breaks as they damage the economy in California. There are two main concerns here for voters.

The first is the fact that the current tax loophole encourages companies to set themselves up out-of-state and benefit from tax breaks, without employing Californian workers. The second is the fact that that this costs the state as much as $1 billion a year in lost tax money. Prop 39 aims to reverse this so that it eliminates this tax issue, returns the lost revenue and adds some equality back into the job market.

Assembly Speaker John A. Perez is now yet another major name publicly endorsing Proposition 39. This will not mean much to some voters, but there are weight and experience behind the words.

There is strong support from many angles, but political endorsements are not always top of the list for voters.

One of the major problems with the issues surrounding Proposition 39 is this link to high-ranking politicians and corruption in the political and legal service in California. Voters have seen this in two ways. First of all, there is the fact that this tax loophole slipped in under the radar during a late-night meeting in the first place. It was all part of negotiations that had nothing to do with the everyday voter and went by virtually unnoticed by the workers affected.

California Proposition 39

Then there is the fact that any high-level political move to correct this issue has faced opposition and block in the past. The small minority of wealthy businesses that benefit can pay off those in charge and finance lobbyists to block bipartisan legislation. It was just this sort of bipartisan legislation that Perez sponsored in the past. Now he is calling for action at the polls, as the only surefire solution to the problem.

Voter action will make all the difference here.

The average voter may not be so eager to listen to the remarks of politicians on this issue – especially those that failed to fix it in the past. However, Perez’s point on the power of the public vote ring true here. This ballot gives workers and their families the change to change the law for themselves. They will be responsible for this outcome as a whole state. They can voice their views and ensure that that lost revenue comes back to projects close to their hearts.

One voice won’t make too much of a difference when influencing voters – but this is one voice in thousands.

Previous issues with blocked votes and lobbying mean many concerns about the future of these laws, and about the support of politicians. Perez makes some important points about the future of this vote and is part of a growing list of supporters. The politicians, mayors and business leaders may not always connect with the public vote, but they help to strengthen the message of more trusted Yes supporters, such as women’s groups and labor groups. Together, this diverse mix of campaigners could turn the tide on this Yes vote for Proposition 39.

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