Why Voters Need To Engage With Prop 39

Voters in California have a big problem on their hands when they head to the polls. There are lots of different issues across different ballots, and there is too much to take in. Many will focus on key issues and votes that mean something to them.

This means that there is the risk of many voters ignoring proposition 39. Some may not understand the issues, and others will fail to see the relevance. That is why many Yes campaigners, including the Mayor of Sacramento, are keen to ensure that voters understand the implications. The major issue for voters during this election is simple: why should they care about Prop 39?

On the surface, Prop 39 doesn’t seem to have that much of interest to the average citizen or homeowner in California. This is all about tax breaks and incentives for large firms. The good news for voters is that any changes that pass with this proposition will not affect their tax rates or income. The problem is that this lack of personal risk or connection means that this is just the sort of proposal on the ballot paper to pass voters buy. Voters may not be aware of the full implications of this opportunity, which is an issue for campaigners.

Therefore, activists need to remind voters about the primary aim here with Prop 39. That is to ensure a fairer tax system for Californian business. At the moment there is a loophole in the Californian law that allows out-of-staters businesses to come in and take advantage.

Proposition 39

They can enjoy tax breaks and new prospects without the need to create jobs for California workers. This unfair system hits major local businesses, but also the workforce as a whole. This means that Californian voters should voice their opinion for the product of the local workforce and future employment prospects.

The other reason that campaigners need to increase public engagement with this campaign is the potential impact of the proposition on education and green energy.

The act of closing this major tax loophole will open up funds and revenues to then redirect into significant areas of growth. There is already a proposition in effect in California that ensures that a significant portion of these funds will transfer to education. In addition to this, there are plans to direct significant proceeds to green energy and energy efficiency schemes across the state.

Experts currently estimate that $500 million per year would go into these projects, with scope to reach $1 billion annually after five years. This means that Californian voters should also voice their opinion for the product of their children’s education and the future of green energy in the state.

The mayor of Sacramento highlights his city as a perfect example of an area that will benefit from these changes.

The future of Sacramento relies on green energy, but also upon the generation of jobs within this sector. Changes proposed with Prop 39 would not only even the playing field for Californian businesses and workers, but it would also create new jobs in this industry. Sacramento’s job market is already dominated by clean energy, as they attempt to meet a target of 20% energy reduction by 2020.

(Source: California Charter Schools Association)

The plans for education funding and projects to improve energy efficiency in public buildings all help Sacramento residents too. There are plans to improve public schools and other buildings, reduce fossil fuels further and improve air quality. The mayor is fully onboard with this new proposition for the good of his city and urges voters to vote yes at the polls. Officials and campaigners are keen to remind voters that they have the chance to make a change where legislature fails.

There is a big chance to make a positive difference with this ballot. Proposition 39 should not fly under the radar in this election because of the history of the loophole and the impact on large businesses. This all came about during a budgeting issue back in 2009. Since then, this tax loophole has offered protection and financial security to make major corporations, including tobacco companies.

The impact of the vote may not affect voters directly regarding income or finances. However, there are many deeper implications in trying to create this fairer system. The removal of the loophole should create a domino effect that will improve job prospects, education and green energy in California. That is why campaigners are so insistent that the state votes yes on Prop 39.

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