Prop 39 Enjoys Widespread Support from CA Newspapers

Many citizens and workers in California are eager to see an overriding Yes vote for Prop 39 on the ballot. They feel that the changes in tax laws, and the revenue gained, are a positive step for companies and workers across the region. Now it seems that many major newspapers are keen to add their support for the cause.

The support for Proposition 39 across these major news outlets is vast, with a many papers eager to add their name to the growing list. There are many varied reasons for this surge in support, but all come down to the basic ideas of a fairer system for workers and families across the state.

The list now includes LA Opinion, San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, Fresno Bee, Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Diego Free Press and the San Francisco Bay Guardian – among others.  The Los Angeles Time, Riverside Press-Express and Sacramento Bee all have plenty to say on the matter.

The Los Angeles Times calls the tax loophole “indefensible” in the way that it encourages multi-state companies to short-change Californian workers. They insist that the current measure is unfair. The tax breaks only favor those big businesses and help them to create posts outside of California. A change in the law would keep business within the state, added much-needed equality and growth in the market.

As many supporters point out, similar loopholes have now closed in many other states across the US. They say that if Texas, New York, and New Jersey can see sense in addressing this issue, why can’t California?

California Prop 39

The Riverside Press-Enterprise supports these views and talks about the “hasty, ill-considered mistake” that occurred in 2009 when this loophole first passed. They insist that this should never have happened because of the damage caused to local businesses and workers. It is no secret anymore that this tax break was the result of a last-minute deal beyond the control, or knowledge, of Californian voters. They had no idea what lawmakers had approved and what it would mean for the loss of jobs and revenue in the state.

Then there is the Sacramento Bee, which focuses on the importance of everyday voters in correcting this issue and providing this balance. They talk about direct democracy at the ballot and the chance to use public opinion, and the subsequent votes, to shape the future of this law in California. Everyday voters have had a rough deal with this measure as lobbyists go over their heads and influence those that could have made a difference. The time has come to cut out this middleman and ensure that workers across California get the deal they want.

Opponents of Proposition 39 will surely disapprove of these opinionated editorials, but editors feel it is the right thing to do.

We always look to media outlets for facts and are often wary of political leanings in newspapers and coverage. Something is comforting about these editorials for voters across California. They provide valuable guidance and information for those whose voice matters the most in this issue – the general voter. The more outlets that add their voice, the stronger it will be.

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