National Organization for Women Endorses Proposition 39

Every vote counts with proposition 39, especially the vote of women. This could be on the move with the recent endorsement by the California National Organization for Women Political Action Committee.

The main focus of Proposition 39 is the improvement of job availability and equality for the workforce.

This emphasis is understandable when the crux of the issue lies with the big businesses taking advantage of the main tax breaks and loopholes. These big businesses fail to provide opportunities for Californian workers, and the job market and economy suffers as a result. Members of California NOW are keen to point out that this issue goes deeper for women.

Problems with the economy and lack of revenues mean cuts to services and aid, and this tends to hit the most vulnerable families first. There are women fed up with suffering from these cuts because of big business tax breaks. They also point out that the situation is even worse for women of color and their families.

This is why California NOW, and many women across the state of California, support Proposition 39 and the closure of the tax loophole.

Social Care

They realize that this shift will not only improve prospects in their area but also readdress the issue of lost revenue. There are plans to relocate the money from this lost revenue – which is $1bilion per year for five years – into important services. Much of this will go towards education, social care, and health services. This could be a lifeline for poor, struggling families and vulnerable women that couldn’t receive the help that they needed. The other half will go to green energy initiatives to improve energy efficiency in public buildings.

California NOW President Patty Bellasalma said, “This proposition is about fairness and leveling the playing field for California businesses by requiring that multi-state company doing business in California pay taxes based on in-state sales. Under the current system, California is losing billions of dollars in tax revenues which is in part to blame for the severe cuts we’re seeing to basic services. And as we all know, women (particularly women of color), children and our most vulnerable communities are taking the brunt of those cuts.”

This public endorsement by California National Organization for Women doesn’t directly speak to all women voters. The only way to determine every female vote is on the ballot. However, this is a highly influential organization that will connect with women. They can help those perhaps uneducated on the issues of Prop 39 and its implications for their welfare. This could be a big turning point for the Yes vote.

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