Major Labor Groups Endorse Proposition 39

The names of key organizations in support of Proposition 39 flood in thick and fast as this campaign gains momentum. One of the most significant regarding size and influence is the California Labor Federation.

This top labor group is a big name for the pro-Prop 39 movements. Not only do they have the rights and needs of workers close to heart, they represent more than 2.2 million Californian workers. Art Pulaski, their chief officer of the California Labor Federation, now speaks out these millions of voters and urges them to support the proposition. Other organizations standing beside them include the California Alliance for Retired Americans, Los Angeles Business Council, California League of Conservation Voters, Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council and the Latin Business Association.

This endorsement is not a surprise given the forecast for job growth without this tax break for out of state companies.

The current tax loophole for out-of-state businesses in California has a significant impact on the prospects of workers and employers. A change to the law could reverse these fortunes. This would mean greater investment and job posts in the state for skilled workers currently struggling.

There is also the fact that measure would place money and investment into the right types of employment and industries in the area. There is a big focus here on green energy and green technology. The aim is to ensure that companies in this field have the chance to grow within the state and that major players will recruit within California’s green energy hotspots.

Green Energy

There are also high hopes to improve the economy more generally, to bring the area out of recession. Many industry experts and economists realize that there is a high reliance on construction jobs in these times of trouble. There is, therefore, the hope that new investment in this area, in addition to green energy, will generate 20,000 to 30,000 new posts for local workers.

There is another positive to this endorsement from these labor groups, and that is the connection to the voting public.

There is a steadily growing list of supporters for this measure from different walks of life. The man leading the charge has everyone best interests at heart but is still a powerful businessman with connections. Mayors and politicians may add to their names to the list, but there is always that sense of distance and distrust with these figures. Labor groups speak for the working man that will benefit from the law changes, as well as the families that will reap the rewards of the revenue gains. This is an important bridge between the politics and reality of the situation for voters.

How are these ordinary families going to benefit from more than just these improved job markets?

This idea of increased revenue is an important secondary issue for the workers of California. It is not just about the job created for the green energy market and the improvement in overall employment prospects. One of the main benefits for voters is the chance to bring back some lost revenue.

At the moment, this tax issue costs the state around $1 billion per year. This is money better spent within the state on projects that matter. The closure of this tax loophole would allow California to retrieve this lost income and spend it wisely. The current plan is that the revenue will split between two major funds.

Public Services

The first is for public services, such as education, health, and social services. This is essential for all those families of struggling workers reliant on state-funded programs. Then there is the other half, which will go on green initiatives, such as energy-saving measures in public buildings. This means more ecological schools for workers’ children, as well as projects where they can put their skills to work.

This is a chance for Californian workers to fix the issues and inequalities in their laws and create a better future for themselves.

One of the appealing aspects of this ballot is the chance for voters to take the law into their own hands. Many are sick of politicians and big businesses calling all the shots. Proposition 39 places the control not just in the hands of unions and labor groups, but every member and employee. A Yes vote is the chance to change the fortunes of workers across the state for the better.

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