California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Endorses Proposition 39

The upcoming-ballot for Californian residents is full of important clauses and options for local voters. One that has gained significant exposure is Prop 39.

Proposition 39 is a venture continually gaining support from leading figures in the run-up to the ballot. The latest high profile support is California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The reason for Newsom’s strong support on this venture is very simple. It is clear to him that this proposition will close a significant loophole that not only gives big out-of-state companies an unfair advantage but holds the economy and green credentials of California back.

Newsom, along with many others like him, believes that Prop 39 is essential for the future of equality and growth in California. For Newsom, it is all about leveling the playing field. He sees this occurring in three different ways.

First, there is the chance to improve job prospects for all those working and living in California.

At the moment, the tax loopholes allow these major players to come in from outside California and take advantage of tax breaks and resources, without providing anything for the workers of the state. There is no clause where they have to create a fair deal by supplying posts for local workers in return.

California Prop 39

Prop 39 would readdress this issue, taking the favor away from out-of-state options and focusing on home-grown opportunities and skills instead. More Californian jobs for Californian workers to improve the local economy and prospects.

A Yes vote on Proposition 39 offers the chance to improve the prospects of not only this generation of workers but the next one too. Then there is the fact that this change would recover 1 billion dollars a year from lost revenue. For the first five years, this revenue will split between green energy initiatives and education.

The green energy industry is forecast to grow substantially in California, so investment and new job opportunities can only help. There is also the hope to improve energy efficiency in the main public buildings. This will occur through solar panels, new heating systems, improvements to windows and other schemes. This is where we see two-fold benefits for the education system.

Proposition 39 California

Californian law states that almost half of the main revenues such as this one gained from Prop 39 must go towards education. This means a significant chunk of those lost billions is relocating to education programs and improving school standards. At the same time, those public schools are among the building benefiting from these new green initiatives. This will provide a cleaner, safer, more environmentally focused place of learning for the next generation.

A Yes vote on Proposition 39 makes a lot of sense, but there are still obstacles in the way.

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom appreciates the issues in seeing this proposition approved. This is something that many Californian residents know little about. It slipped into law back in 2009 with little fanfare, and many people are unaware of the impact. Also, there is the ongoing risk of these out-of-state companies hiring lobbyists. They may use their savings from these tax breaks to influence lawmakers. He is optimistic that improved recognition of the issue, and transparency with voters, will help to secure a Yes vote on Prop 39.

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