California Businessman Tom Steyer To Speak About Sustainable Energy

The Democratic National Convention is due to take place on Wednesday and is set to provide an important platform for many key speakers. Among those, this year is Tom Steyer, a Californian businessman with an urgent message on the value of green energy in the national and global economy.

Stayer was a delegate to the convention in both 2004 and 2008. Now he is back to further his aims of strengthening the link between the government and the people. His main focus lies with improved trust and green initiatives through the Advanced Energy Economy. Right now, there is one topic high on that agenda in California.

One of the key areas of interest for Steyer and many others in his position is Proposition 39.

Steyer is an important figure in the creation of this new proposition. The aim is to close a major tax loophole in the Californian law, and thus improve the economic and environmental landscape of the state.

Prop 39 aims to address this loophole and direct savings and revenue from the venture into education and green energy initiatives. This means improving the energy efficiency of schools and public buildings, as well as creating many jobs across the green energy sector. This is vital for California, a state that prides itself on its green credentials and solutions. His speech will also highlight the potential of the Advanced Energy Economy to showcase the true benefit of this increased funding.

Energy Efficiency

Understandably, Steyer and his supporters face great opposition for this proposition. This comes from major players and out-of-staters businesses that currently benefit from these tax breaks. Tobacco companies and oil companies all enjoy the chance to exploit this law. They do so by coming into California, reducing their taxes and taking jobs away from Californian workers.

Supporters of this proposition want to address the balance for a more level playing field for the state. This would ensure that local worker receives more opportunities for job posts, especially in the green energy and technologies niches. This speech at the convention allows Steyer to express these ideas more clearly. He can reach the politicians that support these companies and potentially hold California back.

It is a tough job, but Steyer is not new to this sort of political opposition and campaigning.

In 2010, Steyer fought to defeat another Proposition in California. That was Proposition 23, which sought to break down an important clean energy law in the state. Steyer is experienced in dealing with campaigners, high-level businesses, and politicians. This is clear in his work with Farallon Capital Management, the Center for the Next Generation and his involvement in the Giving Pledge.

Proposition 23

One added benefit to this year’s event is that Steyer’s speech is not just accessible to those attending the convention in person. There are also plans to stream the coverage from some channels. is the obvious source of all media and information. However, there are also plans for CSPAN and NBC Bay Area to provide live coverage too. This should ensure that this important speech reaches a larger number of businesspeople, residents, and investors. This means everyone is relying on this vital link between green energy and the economy.

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